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Civil Engineering then and now

This watercolour was painted circa 1949 by W Bruce Smith and shows Grimshaw constructing a new road somewhere in North Wales. Mr Smith was our Draughtsman/Surveyor from 1948-1975 and it was painted on the job unfortunately it would not be likely to happen nowadays aside from anything else everyone has a camera on their phone! Our machines […]

For all those digger enthusiasts out there


Heading for the Heights, again

Back in 2008 our intrepid Purchasing Manager, Adrian Wherrett successfully climbed Kilimanjaro (all 19,347ft of it), his pack was made only slightly heavier by the Grimshaw Banner he took to unfurl at the top! Well now he is at it again and is just about to head over to Borneo to scale Mount Kinabalu. At […]

Now this is scary driving

The Kaiser S2 a walking mobile excavator… httpv:// Related articles New JCB ( Share

Truly Innovative Design

httpv:// Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health – Frank Gehry. Share

How not to drive your excavator

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Old Roller to get new lease of life

Grimshaws are (still) the proud owner of a 1951 Aveling Barford Invicta Roller. Now admittedly it has seen better days but it was pulled out of mothballs last week and started first time – after a lapse of 6 years, now that’s a lot better than my lawnmower performs after one winter. Purchased in 1959 by […]

Grimshaws at Work

Well it has not been easy but a fair number of us have made it into the office again today.  A process aided by a somewhat over enthusiastic boss being prepared to ferry people through the snow! Work numbers have been further boosted by Charlotte Grimshaw (whoose nursery is shut due to frozen water pipes). […]

1st December 1958

That was the year that was……… 52 years ago Grimshaw moved to their new  ‘commodius’ premises on the Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham and we are still there. The telephone number had 5 digits instead of 6 and the Tewkesbury Road was only a single carriageway with the occassional car on it and even the odd horse […]

Civil Engineering on a huge scale to find the smallest of things…

httpv:// and I just love the sound of ‘sparticles’! Related articles Atom smasher ramps up chase for ‘God particle’ ( Exotic matter could show up in the LHC this year ( Share