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Flood Threat to Local Business

Grimshaw Civil Engineering

Grimshaw Civil Engineering

New climate change predictions have recently lead the Environment Agency to calculate that,

“flood defence spending must double to £1bn a year by 2035 to ensure that protection is maintained for the one in six homes now at risk of flooding in England”.

Businesses of course are also potentially at risk and need to consider their options carefully.

The Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA) in Gloucestershire, has unfortunately been one of the many businesses to suffer from flooding in recent years. Founded in 1919 the original building was constructed in 1900 as a feed pelleting operation. The site has now expanded to include state of the art laboratories and training facilities. However there is a problem with the stream that runs through the grounds over topping its bank.

The Grimshaw Group is working on a solution involving a re-aligned stream channel and the installation of a piped system. This will include the excavation of some 2500m³ of material. A new footpath and footbridge are being constructed and an electronic barrier gate installed. Whilst working to solve the flooding issue it has also provided an opportunity to benefit the local wildlife by enlarging the onsite pond and creating an island sanctuary for nesting birds and wildlife.

“We are delighted to be carrying out such vital work to ensure this prestigious local company can continue operations without the threat of future flooding.”

Russell Grimshaw – Managing Director Grimshaw Group

CCFRA is the worlds largest independent membership based organization carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide. From its early days as a leading authority on the processing of canned foods it moved into the ‘new’ science of frozen foods in the 1950s and it now covers all areas of food processing and preservation.

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