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Pickleball Court Construction

Pickleball is reported to be the UK's fastest growing sport with already some 400 clubs and over 12,000 players.

Initially invented in the USA in 1965 as an easily mastered game for bored kids it is now enjoyed by all age groups including the more mature player who now finds tennis too jarring on the joints.

With lightweight balls, paddles and the small size of the court it is an excellent game for mixed age groups and for families to play together on an equal basis.

Whilst Pickleball clubs usually play indoors, outdoor courts enable family and friends to easily enjoy a game. A court is approximately one third the size of a tennis court and would fit comfortably for example in a 1/2 acre plot.

In most cases, private Pickleball courts can be built in a garden without planning permission provided it is behind the principal elevation of the house and that the building is not listed.

For year round play in the UK it is essential that not only is the coloured surface accurate but also designed to be fast draining after rain.

With over 75 years experience in developing and constructing ultra-rapid draining porous surfaces, Grimshaw Group (the UK's oldest established specialist tennis court constructor) now offers Pickleball courts. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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