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Tennis Court Construction in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties is a core part of our business. After more than 6 decades and 3 generations we have a vast amount of experience and take pride in delivering fantastic tennis courts and looking after our customers year after year. 


Typically, the process includes, a discussion of requirements, a site survey, the production of drawings & specification, the preparation and submission of a planning application and finally construction of your tennis court.


We also offer maintenance and renovation services to ensure you get the maximum life from your tennis court. We are flexible enough to carry work out on a one off or regular basis tailored to suit your needs.


Maintenance Services include moss and weed-killing, sweeping and washing, recolouring and relining, sand and grit top up, resurfacing, repairs to surrounds and the supply of new tennis court equipment


Because of our extensive experience and civil engineering expertise we can offer a complete service to cover all aspects of the process. Every tennis court that we build is different. Every client has a different set of requirements, sometimes through choice, sometimes through restriction; this is where our expertise and experience can be of value.


Our customers range from private individuals and sports clubs to

educational establishments and local authorities. As a founder member of SAPCA (Sports & Play Construction Association) and Gloucestershire's only Principal Contractor, you can be confident that we can deliver a high quality service.

In addition to tennis courts we also offer other sports courts and multi-use-games-areas (MUGA's). Tennis and netball are often combined and also the addition of a football or basketball goal in the surround. Various combinations are available.

If you would like to buy Qualgex to treat moss and algae on your court then please click here...

Court Sizes do vary. At Tournament & Club Level the LTA recommend a full size of 36.58m x 18.29m (120ft x 60ft) reducible to a minimum of 34.75m x 17.07m (114ft x 56ft). Site restrictions may mean these dimensions are not achievable and recreational tennis is possible on overall court dimensions of 33.53m length and 16.45m width. Levelling the site to create the plateau for the court can result in banks or retaining walls outside these dimensions.  A free, no obligation site visit will help confirm if a court will fit and its ideal orientation.


A wide range of surfaces are available, for example, Grey-Green-Grit, Redgra, Porous Macadam, Coloured Porous Macadam, Artificial Grass & Carpet, Natural Grass and Indoor Surfaces.  We can help you select the most appropriate surface.

The Tennis court surround forms an integral part of any court, and the style and appearance can make a vast difference as to how the court fits within its surroundings.  Grimshaw Sports has successfully obtained many otherwise difficult Planning Approvals for tennis courts, by careful detailing of the surround and gates to fit the location and landscaping theme.


Floodlighting when required can be tricky with Planning Applications and must be designed for the specific needs of each and every site.

Using the very latest in lighting components, Grimshaw Sports lighting schemes are designed to minimise light spillage and comply with requirements of The British Astronomical Associations's - Campaign for Dark Skies.

Although very variable depending on your requirements and the site, a ball park figure (excuse the pun) would be £25,000 for a porous macadam court and £40,000 for an artificial grass surface. 

Dependent on your specific requirements and the site and weather conditions, a typical court construction period will last between 4-6 weeks.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or arrange a no obligation, no cost, site visit.

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