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Tennis Court Refurbishment

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

As well as moss and algae killing and deep cleaning some courts require a little more attention. Physical renewal of the court surfaces can vary from patching, polymeric binder coat and colouring, re-lining, surface dressing (in the case of a grey-green grit tennis court), rejuvenating/renewing redgra, through to full scale resurfacing.

Meanwhile the court surrounds can often require repair or replacement. If courts or their surrounds have suffered over time or through the enthusiasm of vandals, then a face-lift is a good way to ensure player/spectator safety as well as preventing a full scale replacement further down the line. Of course there is a cost associated with the works, but it is normally much cheaper to maintain or refresh existing facilities sooner, rather than to replace or resurface them completely later.

If vandalism is a particular problem then the following options are available during the initial build or as a part of a refurbishment programme.

– Galvanised wire rope can be used instead of line wire

– Galvanise the surround steel work prior to powder coating

– Heavier duty uprights

– Heavier gauge chain-link

– Twin-wire fencing or Anti-climb fencing (where the mesh is very small to eliminate finger and toe holes).

Other things to consider when maintaining your surround are making sure you remove wind break netting in bad weather (especially snow), avoid letting vegetation growing through and keep an eye on surrounding trees (a surprising number of fences and courts have been damaged by not only falling branches but also falling trees).

If you have a facility which is looking a bit tired, or needs replacing or modernising, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Grimshaw provide a complete range of services for Tennis Courts in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties.

If you simply require some cleaner for your court then please visit


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